Replace Browne (it’s actually grey) Doorway with new uPVC one posted by on June 15, 2016

This article in today’s ‘Galway Independent’ says repairing the (in)famous Browne (it’s actually grey) Doorway (yes, the one with the manky plastic screen around it in Eyre Square) will cost a minimum of €160,000 – yes, that’s ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THOUSAND euros (what’s it going to be made of – gold?? golden tofu??). Anyway this is clearly NUTS, even before you look into the cost of a nice new door, which naturally Galway Faces did.

We contacted ‘Doors of Perception’ in the Ballybane Industrial Estate and spoke to Geraldine who is the receptionist and a lovely lady. ‘We do an outside door called the Tirellan in durable Bog oak which would be perfect for the situation in Eyre Square’, she told me, ‘Even if you wanted all the trimmings; a spyhole, letter box, traditional knocker and chrome handle we could easily do that for you for under €1500’.

We spoke to locals and tourists in Eyre Square today on the matter of the Browne doorway (it’s actually grey). Tony from Killimor said ‘It’s a disgrace to spend that kind of money on this hape of shite’, while Yolanda visiting from Bilbao agreed something must be done, ‘I have been here many times over the years and never door is finished always is space for door. It no make sense’.

We sincerely hope this chronic waste of taxpayer’s money can be avoided – especially when we are bidding to be European Capital of Culture 2020 it is vital we show visitors to our great city that we know how to fill a space for a door for much less than the price of a Ferrari and we strongly urge Galway City Council to shop around for the best modern alternative local businesses can offer.

What do YOU think about the whole distressing saga? Is this door a window into Galway’s soul or is it just a case of ‘I will in me Browne’ (doorway). Have YOUR say by tweeeting @galwayfaces or if facebook is your thing, hop on over to our page look here it is. Love to hear from you as always. It’s actually grey, you know.


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